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Viewing and managing your Cash Rewards

You can see your Cash Reward details online as well as manage the account that your rewards are deposited to each month. 

Viewing your Cash Reward details

  • Log in and select the credit card you want to view.
  • Click in  ‘View details’ Internet Banking or ‘Show card and payment information’ in Mobile Banking to see what type of rewards you're on, and which account they are being credited to.

Managing the account your Cash Rewards are credited to

Cash Rewards are credited to your credit card account unless you choose to put them in a different BNZ account. Rewards are calculated once a month - at the end of your statement cycle - and will show on your statement as ‘BNZ - CASH REWARD’.

By default, Cash Rewards are applied to your credit card account, however you can change the account they go into. You can choose to credit your Cash Rewards to a BNZ savings, everyday transaction or BNZ KiwiSaver Scheme account. And if you want to change it back to your credit card account, you can do that too.

Your Cash Rewards will appear on your current credit card statement, but will be applied to your account during your next statement period.  Any change in account will be backdated to take effect from the beginning of the current statement period.

How to change accounts for your Cash Rewards

1. Using Internet Banking

  • Log in to Internet Banking
  • Select the credit card you’re earning Cash Rewards on
  • Click on Edit at the top of your screen
  • Select the account you want your Cash Rewards to go into from the ‘GO TO’ drop down menu
  • Click ‘Save’

2. Calling us 0800 275 269
3. Visiting us in store