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Rates and fees for Private Bank account not on sale

If you have a Private Bank account with us that you’re still using, but we no longer sell, you’ll find the rates and fees for your account below.

All rates and fees are subject to change.

Private Bank account

feature Rate/Fee
Free withdrawals per month Unlimited
Manual transactions
Branch, and staff-assisted transactions. Service fees may apply.
Electronic transactions
Internet, electronic (including EFTPOS, direct debits, Telephone Banking, automatic payments) and self service. Service fees may apply. Payments into your account from other parties by way of BNZ Internet Banking, Automatic Payment or ATM are classed as Electronic Transactions.
Credit balance interest rate^ 0.15% p.a.
Overdraft monthly facility fee $0
Unarranged monthly overdraft fee $0
Private Bank Line of Credit - Unsecured

13.15% p.a.
Default interest rate - Unsecured 13.15% p.a. + 7% margin^
Private Bank Line of Credit - Secured 5.55% p.a.
Default interest rate - Secured 5.55% p.a. + 10% margin^