COVID-19 (coronavirus) update

If you already have life insurance with us, you can claim for COVID-19 impacts, provided you meet the terms and conditions of your policy. 

Redundancy cover

Redundancy cover is temporarily closed to new applicants and increases. This is because it’s unlikely new customers would be able to claim for a COVID-19 related redundancy under LifeCare terms and conditions.

If you already have BNZ LifeCare, and an existing redundancy benefit, you are covered for COVID-19 impact provided you meet the LifeCare terms and conditions.

Key things to know about Redundancy cover 

  • You need to  have been made redundant specifically from permanent employment. Being temporarily unable to work is not covered.
  • This benefit does not cover you if you’re made redundant or advised of the possibility of redundancy within the first six months of cover. 
  • It excludes any redundancy when you should reasonably have known there was a possibility of this occurring when you applied for cover.

Temporary Disability (Income Protection) cover

If you have Temporary Disability cover, you can claim provided you meet the LifeCare terms and conditions of your policy. Please note that with any claim you’ll need to substantiate that you’re:

  • medically unfit to work from illness or injury (including COVID-19 illness)
  • unable to perform activities of daily living, if you weren’t working at the time of the illness or injury.

You must also be totally unable to work for at least 30 days, and continue to be totally or partially unable to work for the length of your selected stand-down period (30, 60, or 90 days) after the date that your illness began. 

You won’t be able to claim if you’re fit for work but are:

  • in quarantine or self-isolation
  • unable to attend your place of work
  • unable to work because you’re taking care of someone else 
  • made redundant (there may be cover if you also have the Redundancy benefit). 

Support information

If you have any  queries or concerns about your coverage, call us on 0800 808 648  (Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm).

How LifeCare can help

If you earn an income, how would you survive if you couldn’t work? If you have family who depend on you, what would happen to them if you become seriously ill, had a bad accident or died?

LifeCare helps provide the reassurance you need. A claim payment could be used to provide income while you can’t work, help pay loans, living expenses, the cost of medical treatment, funeral expenses, future education costs and more.

Life insurance benefits

Life insurance can give you:

  • financial help in the event of illness, injury, redundancy or death
  • peace of mind that you and your family are financially covered if something unfortunate and unforeseen happens.

Assessing your insurance needs

Get the right type and amount of insurance:

  • think about what goals you have, and what you need to continue to meet these and your living expenses
  • talk to us - we’ll help you assess your insurance needs.