Exchange rates table

If you want to transfer funds from a BNZ NZ Dollar (NZ$) account to credit your BNZ Foreign Currency Account, refer to the ‘You send Intl payment’ column.

If you want to transfer funds from your Foreign Currency Account to credit a BNZ NZ Dollar (NZ$) account, refer to the ‘You receive Intl payment’ column.

Foreign cash

You can no longer buy foreign cash from us or sell it to us, either in branch or online. However, you can still use your Eftpos or Flexi Debit Visa card while overseas to make cash withdrawals in a foreign currency^.

Foreign cheques

We no longer accept foreign cheques. If you receive cheques from overseas, you can ask for telegraphic transfers (also known as wire transfers), which are international payments directly into your account. This is a faster, safer, and more secure way to receive money from overseas.

If you receive overseas pensions or benefit payments by cheque, find out more about your payment options.