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Using RealMe to open an account online

RealMe® is a secure online identity verification service managed by the Department of Internal Affairs. A verified RealMe account lets you prove your identity and address online with participating organisations, including BNZ.

How to open an account with RealMe

  • Apply to open an account online.
  • After completing the qualifying questions, you’ll be asked how you wish to identify yourself. Select RealMe.
  • You’ll be asked to log in to your RealMe account to share your details.
  • If you’ve verified your identity with RealMe and we can verify your NZ address, you can open a transaction or savings account online^ and start using it straight away in Mobile and Internet Banking. We’ll also confirm your account details by email. 
  • If your address can’t be verified, we’ll ask you to upload a proof of address such as a bank statement or bill, to prove your address. We’ll check that, and if approved your account will be opened the next business day.

What happens next

  • Your NetGuard card and Flexi Debit Visa card (if you requested one) will be posted to you.
  • Link your Flexi Debit Visa card in Mobile Banking to start making purchases anywhere that accepts Apple Pay or Google Pay™.
  • Your Flexi Debit Visa card (if you requested one) will arrive at your address within a few days. Your PIN will be loaded onto your card but you’ll need to activate your card. To do that, just enter your PIN at an EFTPOS terminal when making a purchase, or at any ATM.


Get set up with RealMe 

Go to  and create an account.