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Topping up your prepay mobile phone

There are three ways you can top up your prepay mobile phone using money straight from your bank account. 

Topping up using the BNZ app

You can top up any Vodafone, Spark, Skinny, or 2degrees prepay phone using the BNZ app. This includes topping up mobiles of friends or family members.

After you have signed into the app:

  1. Choose Top up prepay from the menu.
  2. Select your account you want the amount to come from.
  3. Enter in the mobile number you want to credit.
  4. Select Top up and Confirm.
  5. Your provider will send you a text to confirm successful top up.

Topping up using an ATM

If you have a Vodafone Prepay mobile, you can top it up at any of our ATMs.

To top up at an ATM:

  1. After you've put in your card and PIN, from the main menu, select 'Other services'. On touch-screen ATMs, the Vodafone Prepay top up will appear on the main menu.
  2. Select 'Vodafone Prepay top up'.
  3. Enter in the Vodafone mobile number you want to top up.
  4. Enter in the amount you'd like to top up and the account you want to use.

After this, you'll get a text from Vodafone confirming your top up and your new prepay mobile balance.

Topping up by text

If you have a Vodafone Prepay phone, you top up by text.

You need to register your BNZ Flexi Debit Visa card details with Vodafone. You can do this under 'My Account' on your phone at, or by calling 777.

Once you have registered your card, you can text 'TMU' and the amount you want to top up by, to 867 and follow the prompts. E.g, "TMU 20" for a $20 top up.

For more information on topping up your Vodafone prepay, see